What Is Car ECU?

What Is Car ECU?

by What is car ECU The engine control module is an electronic computer which used in present day vehicles to manage its electronic modules. Collecting real time data from sensors and delivering output to the different components, the engine control unit manage the proper operation of the motor vehicle.

The auto ECU collect data from the different components in the auto like the camshaft and consumption of fuel sensors to effectively compute information like intake, injection fuel supply, exhaust and several other internal components to determind and manage the running working state of the transmission, engine system such as the fluid flow, the camshafts position, the airbags and so on.

A typical example is the speed detector found on the wheel which examine the car speed and transfer the information to the engine control module. Using this infrastructure, instead of handing out information to number of components from one sensor, the information is being transferred by the motor vehicle's computer to all the wired units that use this information such as the suspension system, speedometer, ABS and so on.

On-board Diagnostics Port

OBD port An auto that accommodate vehicle computer will also offer On Board Diagnostics (OBD) outline to let driver or officials to plug diagnostic computer to inspect the ECU state.

Engine control module theft avoidance control

The engine immobilization system is theft deter system partition in the ECU. It forbids the car engine from starting up without applying a certified key. This infrastructure adopts an exclusive chipped key that saves the electronic security pin-code or plainly the pass-code. The motor vehicle ECM doesn't start up the injection system instrumentation and the ignition circuit if the code in the key is different then the code kept in the immobilization system.

Different vehicle makers use different types of car computers as the PCM (Powertrain Control Module), GEM (General Electric Module, ECM (Engine Control Module)) and more. Newer motor vehicle may contain a few dosen ECUs and because of this development, the coding required in configuring or resetting the motor vehicle computer is turning more troublesome to operate.

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